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Is this the start?

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jugglingmonkey Wed 18-Feb-15 08:28:32

DS is 15 months old. Since we came back from a two week holiday recently, he has been more of a handful than ever...

* extra clingy, temper tantrums, screams anywhere near the bathtub,won't let me brush teeth, generally whiny.

I'm sure there could be altitude of reasons for this. Yes, he is teething! But he was a very happy boy the whole time we were away and just seems miserable now hmm

Anyone been through this and come out the other side?

jugglingmonkey Wed 18-Feb-15 08:28:58

*A multitude of reasons...

jugglingmonkey Wed 18-Feb-15 08:34:39

Re thread title, I meant is this the start of terrible 2's?!

tumbletumble Wed 18-Feb-15 09:14:03

IME it is very common for a child this age to be out of sorts after a holiday. Mine always took a while to recover from the break in routine and general excitement.

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