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11mo constipation

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MummyBee87 Mon 16-Feb-15 08:24:44

Hi there,
Since starting to wean my daughter she has suffered terrible constipation. I have narrowed it down to having things such as porridge and wheatabix. It's not just that she doesn't go, its the screaming/crying in pain that goes through me. We had her 8-12 month development assessment last Thursday and I mentioned the tummy issued but all i was told was to try wheatabix (again) and to give her it every few days. So I took it under advisement and she had a little wheatabix on Friday morning at breakfast, but Friday night the screaming began again after two days she finally passed a very hard stool yesterday afternoon. I'm convinced that the wheatabix/porridge is the problem as thats the only thing she has differently when she has these issues. Am I ok to just cut that out of her diet? Will she lack any nutrients at all? And has anyone any other suggestions for breakfast, i don't want her to get bored of yoghurt and fruit.
Many thanks in advance!!

ppeatfruit Mon 16-Feb-15 10:51:18

You are right of course. Wholewheat is far too fibrous for a babies' gut (or mine for that matter). Some people are very allergic to it. Try her on just fruit for breakfast.

Try her with pure rye bread it's much easier to digest than wheat. There's a good book that explains about wheat called Wheat Belly by William Davis M.D.

MummyBee87 Mon 16-Feb-15 11:52:45

Thanks very much ppeatfruit! Rye bread is now on my shopping list as is that book! I'm sure this must be more common than i think but i can't really find much evidence to support it. x

ppeatfruit Mon 16-Feb-15 12:16:53

You're very welcome! There's not much about it, because of the monopoly of the wheat barons in all of our food shopping experiences, it's hard to find GF products and sometimes the GF stuff is not so good.

The rye loaves are in Waitrose and the bigger Sainsbos.

BreakingDad77 Mon 16-Feb-15 12:31:17

We asked gp about it and they just said to try lactulose which seemed to work.

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