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Hyper mobility + other problems

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Lisadawn27 Sun 15-Feb-15 10:33:40

Was just wondering if anyone can shed some light for me my LB is 8yrs old and has a lot of problems so here goes he has hyper mobility which is very painful for him at times and sometimes to the point where he cannot bare weight on his legs as his knees are so painful....he has inturned feet/pigeon toe as it's also known which causes him to trip/fall and his co-ordination skills are next to none.....he has lost weight and his BMI has dropped below the average for a child of his age...he has very limited vision in one eye.....he has some quiet scary emotional issues I.e he is fine 1 minute and in floods of tears the next with no explanation why?? (He just does not know) he has become very angry all of the time and has started to get physical with children at school but with no logical reason why....and last but not least he has trouble sleeping. Could all of this be related to 1 big problem rather than lots of little ones?...any info would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

Artistic Sun 15-Feb-15 10:42:50

I can't speak about all the problems you state..but I can share what I know. I have hyper mobility in my ankles & wrists - since childhood. This was unacknowledged until adulthood when combined with my flat feet, my knees were destroyed post pregnancy. I wish it had been attended to when I was younger. I wear orthotics in my shoes to support my arches & therefore my knees. My DD also has a similar problem & I've had her diagnosed & wear orthotics since age 6 so that hopefully she won't suffer like I did.

Have you had your DC seen by an suitable doctor? The various problems you state might need a variety of different treatments.

Artistic Sun 15-Feb-15 10:44:19

My DD also had very poor balance & fell over all the time until she started wearing orthotics regularly.

Goldmandra Sun 15-Feb-15 18:27:03

Hypermobility seems to be very common in children on the Autism spectrum and that could explain the other issues he has.

Lisadawn27 Mon 16-Feb-15 12:30:22

Thank you for all of your replys......we are now booked in to see the Dr and hopefully he can shed some light on the matter thank you so much

BendyMum15 Tue 17-Feb-15 17:17:49

Contact thr Hypermobility Syndromes Association through their website or helpline. They will be able to help.

Lisadawn27 Tue 17-Feb-15 17:49:29

Thanks.....he has been referred to cahms by GP so just waiting for the appointment

Goldmandra Tue 17-Feb-15 18:31:38

That's good news. They should be able to assess him fully and give you some answers, although it could be a very long wait.

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