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Please help with 4 year old DS

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PseudoBadger Sun 15-Feb-15 08:45:23

DS is just 4. DD is 16 months. DS has been pretty challenging, at home anyway, since just over 2.
All normal things I'm sure, with added wilfulness and contrariness.
We bumble along using the occasional reward chart, and were doing ok until recently.

This morning for example he has either sat on me and pressed his body into my face, or elbowed me continuously, or followed me around angrily telling me to go away mummy(?!). He pulls at and hangs off my clothes. He growls at me! He screeches if he is told off (eg "don't throw that DS" "SCREEECH"). He often raises his hand as if to hit (and sometimes does hit) like a threat. He whinges and cries all the time. He never wants to go out (but enjoys it when we are out). He still puts toys in his mouth all the time, so I can't get him proper lego or Playmobil or anything.

I just need to know if this is 'normal'. Can anyone recommend me an appropriate book?

ChazzerChaser Sun 15-Feb-15 08:48:51

I'm not at your stage but this would be my go to website

PalominoPony Sun 15-Feb-15 13:51:42

Have you looked into the possibility that he might have sensory issues? Try looking into sensory processing disorder. I don't know much about it but some of the things you have said would match up.

PalominoPony Sun 15-Feb-15 13:58:51

To explain - hypo-sensitive children seek sensory input - they will often hit, press up against things/people, like tight hugs, want to push/pull things, like being wrapped up tight in blankets, etc., explore toys with their mouths well past babyhood, and so on.

As I say, I know very little about it but have heard of it so thought it worth mentioning so you can Google and see if it rings any bells.

Laustar Mon 16-Feb-15 13:40:34

My three year old is going through a stage of this. It has amplified since his baby sister was born 9 weeks ago. He was always babied by the grandparents etc. I wouldn't say he has got a sensory issue but maybe he has realised there is a change in the family? My son has being giving us non stop no's for the last two months. He wants to break a lot of things and if I say no he pretends to cry like a baby as such. He's also been trying to get my attention by not using the toilet (he was great before my daughter was born). I've decided to cut down some of the TV he watches as I'm sure he is getting some of the things he does from there. X

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