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7yr old bedwetting

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Curlybrunette Thu 12-Feb-15 22:00:04


My ds is 7.3 and still wets the bed every 7-10 days ish. I've got an appointment with the enuresis wee wee nurse in April and have just received an information pack through the post today. We have to do a diary of how much he drinks, wees etc.

The info pack talks about the different treatments and this is where I'm a bit confused now. It says the bedwetting alarm isn't suitable if they wet infrequently, and the drugs seem to be more suitable for frequent wetters too. Damn it he just doesn't wet the bed enough!

Another thing it talks about is letting the child choose their treatment and reassuring them they aren't doing anything wrong and reducing their anxiety but ds couldn't give a fig. He happily trots through "good morning, I've wet the bed". I don't mean that he's proud he's done it or anything but he most certainly isn't embarrassed or ashamed.

We've always played it down to prevent him feeling bad. I think we've been a bit too laid back about it. I feel like I need to get him stressed about it ready for the appointment...wink

So, have any of you experience of an infrequent wetter and stopping this happening? I feel like he's on the cusp of stopping, but he has been like this for almost 2 years now.

Are of the treatments suitable for an infrequent wetter?


youngestisapyscho Thu 12-Feb-15 22:04:59

My dd is 8.5, she wets the bed about once a week... This time last year, it was every night, sometimes twice a night! the doctor gave me medicine that she took for about 2 months and it stopped the wetting. I did not want her to be taking it all the time so stopped. So now it's occasionally. She always goes a wee before bed and we try to reduce liquid intake after dinner. She sometimes gets up in the night and goes to the toilet. She does not seem bothered that she wets the bed. I have these great sheets that she can just take off the bed herself, which she does, and she puts clean pjs on puts herself back to bed! She never comes and wakes me.

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