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5 year old tantrums for very minor things

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united4ever Thu 12-Feb-15 20:08:38

Tonight it was because his lego aeroplane kept falling apart and the tantrum lasted 30 minutes. Hes nearly six actually but this behaviour seems more like a 3 year old. Really crying hard and repeatedly saying daddy just falls apaaaart. What do you do? Tried giving him a cuddle and empathising but to no avail and as it goes on and on start to feel a bit angry but its not really naughty is it so not really going to shout at him or use naughty step etc. What can i do for these tantrums over really minor things. He is quite sensitive but there has been no real change at home or school or anything.

Thanks in advancd

Mehitabel6 Fri 13-Feb-15 09:11:25

Just ignore totally- do not engage in any way. Discuss when he has calmed down. Say you understand the frustration but explore other ways of dealing with it.

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