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I'm so annoyed about the party

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sister Fri 12-Apr-02 14:49:30

My 3 year old son was invited to a birthday party by someone at his nursery. I presumed the girl was a friend but my son didn't seem to know who I was asking about when I mentioned her name.
So I brought a present and a nice card and off we went to the party anyway.
The party was in a function room. There were no decorations no balloons and no toys for the children to play with.
The only entertainment available was 3 family members organising games such as statues and Simon says. My son does not understand the concept of any of the games that were played and therefore was consequently left sitting on my lap upset because he wasn't allowed to join in and upset the other children were getting prizes.
All the children from his class at nursery were there, the majority were under four and bewildered and upset by what was going on. The room was packed and I destinctly get the impression that as many children as possible were invited to get as many pressies as possible for their daughter.
The only food that was offered for the children was chicken nuggets and chips, no jelly, nothing.
When eventually the 2 hours was up we took our party bag and made our way home.
I could not believe my eyes when we openned the bag. Inside was a slip of paper saying that the family organise party entertainment, ring this number for enquires!!!!!
My son had not enjoyed himself, we were invited to get another pressie and they were trying to get future business out of the parents, I could not believe it!!!
The next day at nursery I found out the little girl whose party it was had actually left the nursery months ago for school, my son didn't even know her!!!
I still feel annoyed and such a mug. Am I alone, or has anyone else had experiences like this that might make me feel a bit better????!

Demented Fri 12-Apr-02 15:12:41

Not had any experience of this but I am shocked! The cheek of some people!!!

WideWebWitch Fri 12-Apr-02 15:39:19

Hi sister, I did write you a reply but it disappeared!

I think they have a cheek, but I'd also say that if the party was intended to be an advertisement for their services as party organisers it clearly had the opposite effect.

I think I would have left as soon as my ds was bored and taken him to do something which did interest him, annoying though this would be when you had expected to be attending a good party.

I usually only spend a small amount on a token present at kid's parties since I think this is all that is expected. And I generally get ds to make a card since his peers don't seem interested in cards and therefore it's a waste of £1.50 IMO.

Very annoying, I agree but I don't suppose you'll see these people again, so that's good!

sister Fri 12-Apr-02 15:54:42

thanks wickedwaterwitch and demented.
I didn't want to leave the party early because I didn't want to appear rude, although if I'd known at the time they were advertising their services through their daughter I would have left immediately! I just could not believe that they could exploit their daughter in such a way - she didn't look as though she was enjoying it either!!
I shall just have to make sure that I am more careful next time about which invitations we accept.
At the time (last weekend) I didn't want to turn down the invite because I would have felt that it would have been unfair for my son to miss out. I just assumed that all children enjoy all parties.
I am still sooooo angry!!! Although my son has probably forgotten all about it. I feel like ringing the parents up and booking a bogus party!!

susanmt Fri 12-Apr-02 20:10:10

Maybe you shoudl let the nirsery know what happened? I'm sure they wouldn't be too happy about their children being used as an advertising base either!!!

susanmt Fri 12-Apr-02 20:11:07

That should be

should let the nursery!

We were all up coughing last night, I'm knackered!

Queenie Sat 13-Apr-02 12:36:08

I agree you should inform the nursery - how did they remember the children's names if the daughter had left some time ago. Surely the nursery wouldn't have assisted.

debster Sat 13-Apr-02 18:56:29

I am appalled at this cynical use of a child's birthday. I would definitely write or phone the people concerned and complain and threaten that if such a thing happens again you will bring it to the attention of Trading Standards. Surely they can't go around inviting unsuspecting people to events like this. Or maybe I'm just being naive. As others Mumsnetters have recommended I would also find out from the nursery as to how your son had been targeted. Sorry to use such a word but it really seems as if this has been the case.

BTW, I realise this is not what you were hoping for when you posted but it has really got me angry.

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