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1st birthday ideas for DS2

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williwonti Tue 10-Feb-15 09:00:31

Our second son is 2 next month and everyone is asking for ideas of what to get for him. We took care of all Ds1's garages and the like so don't need others. So really I am wondering what ideas am I not thinking of that would be good? Clothes I've said as dates don't totally match up but what little toys could I suggest that are a bit more out of the ordinary and I am not seeing after a quick google.

LingDiLong Tue 10-Feb-15 20:35:32

Have you looked at some of the Melissa and Doug stuff? My DD had a lovely birthday cake set and an ice cream set which has been popular with all the mindees. Doll and pram? Boys of that age generally really enjoy playing with them or things like little brush and dustpan sets?

Purplehonesty Tue 10-Feb-15 20:46:03

Is he 1 or 2?

Purplehonesty Tue 10-Feb-15 20:48:04

If he is 2 perhaps a wooden play kitchen? And the pots/pans/food to go with it. Or garden toys like a trampoline or slide? It is a bit milder now!
If he is 1 then I will have another think...your title says 1st birthday and your post ds2 will be 2...

williwonti Thu 12-Feb-15 19:22:29

He will be 1, no idea why I have put 2!!

Purplehonesty Thu 12-Feb-15 20:47:46

Ah okay.

Ride on wooden trike? Great if you have wooden floors - we got one for dd when she turned 1.

Swing set for the garden if you haven't got one? With a baby swing seat.

New bath toys - we have a really cool rescue station where a helicopter and boat can dock and it pours water etc.

Age 1 is hard as they aren't really in to much.

DIYandEatCake Fri 13-Feb-15 19:40:32

My ds (second dc) had a play tent for his first birthday - we put balls in it to make a little ball pit. He loves it and it's the only thing that he and dd (nearly 4) really like playing with together at the moment. (they mostly tip it over and throw the balls everywhere but hey...!)

LittleMoaner Sat 14-Feb-15 01:50:07

Fisher Price Basic Buckets (It's a bath toy - £8 Amazon)
Fisher Price Chatterbox Phone - Ds LOVES this. It is available from loads of places.
Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups - (£9 Tesco or part of their 2 for £15 range)...Ds definitely needs me to help with this toy, as ot can be quite stiff, but he likes it for now - and it will probably still be being played with for a few years.

Instruments (Drum and Xylophone). The drum is a Little Tikes one.

Loves shape sorters. We actually have 4 altogether! One is a Melissa and Doug Safari one - It has lovely wooden animals.
Another is a shape sorter and xylophone combined.- If you type Aeroplane Xylophone into Amazon, it is currently on there for £23. I managed to get it cheaper than that from Ebay, but it might come down in price).

Wilkinsons have a lovely Wooden Rocket Stacking Toy. It is about £7. No idea what it's like to actually play with though, as it's just something I have been eyeing up! smile
Same goes for the Galt Pop Up Toy (with little wooden men). This is available in lots of places (but currently £6.19 on Amazon).I have no experience of this toy myself, but would like to get it for ds as it has good reviews

tostaky Sun 15-Feb-15 20:37:05

A pop up tent

Turquoiseblue Sun 15-Feb-15 20:40:20

My family contributed to a course of swimming lessons / baby music lessons and play centre tickets for dn for his birthday as likewise SIL had lots of 'stuff' for him

williwonti Wed 18-Feb-15 20:29:35

What about a play kitchen? I know they say 3 years but few good offers at mo and think he'd like once toddling

Notso Wed 18-Feb-15 20:40:48

We got DC4 the Ikea kitchen for his first birthday. At first he just liked banging the pots and pans about. He's 2.10 now and he plays with it all the time. We got him and his 4 yo brother chef costumes and liberated a couple of children's menus from a local pub.

SantasFavouriteHo Wed 18-Feb-15 20:41:05

Melissa and Doug wooden animal stacking blocks and a ballapalooza are my one year olds absolute favourite toys

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