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Behaviour at preschool

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startwig1982 Thu 05-Feb-15 18:48:33

My ds is 3.6 and has been at preschool since September. He struggled a bit to start with in terms of confidence and didn't talk very much. However, he improved and started playing and interacting a lot more. His behaviour was ok with a couple of occasions resulting in him sitting on the thinking chair.
This half term his behaviour started well and his teachers were full of praise for him. However, the last couple of weeks he's had more timeout and today he had an awful day.
He has a new teacher once a week and she was being observed today. Apparently ds went over to the observer(deputy head) and hit her with both palms. His teacher also said that he never sits on the carpet properly.
The days when he doesn't have this teacher seem to be much better and he's able to tell me what story they have read and sing songs he's learnt.
I'm really worried that he's becoming an issue and being the naughty child of the class. Any suggestions as to what to do?

startwig1982 Fri 06-Feb-15 09:24:02


Ferguson Fri 06-Feb-15 19:41:05

Do they have enough stimulating and entertaining activities? Good and appropriate toys, books, bikes, construction, creative materials etc?

Some preschools are not as well organised and managed as they could be. Is it attached to a school he will later attend?

Is there another helper or key worker who could 'look out' for him, and may be pre-empt inappropriate behaviour.

When I helped in a playgroup, the supervisor one speculated that a 4 yr old boy might be deaf, as he never took any notice of instructions. His friend, also 4, heard, and said: "No, he's not deaf. He knows what you are going to say, so he doesn't bother to listen!"

startwig1982 Fri 06-Feb-15 22:55:15

There's a particular teacher who counts to 5 before sanctioning him and she tells me that she rarely gets beyond 3. He seems to respond well to her and I also do counting(to 3) at home.
He's been there since 11 months and has just moved through the different groups. He won't be going to the attached school as it's out of our catchment. They have always been brilliant with him up to now and we haven't had issues really before this last half term. I wonder of he's getting overtired and is not enjoying having a different teacher.

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