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Tips on missing daddy?

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batey Thu 11-Apr-02 22:27:58

My husband will soon be off to th far East for a month, any tips on helping my 2 and 4 1/2 year old girls with missing their Daddy.

SueDonim Thu 11-Apr-02 22:45:11

My DH has always had periods of being absent from home and my children have pretty well taken it in their stride, really. Things you can do are send email pictures/messages to him, if he has internet access, and he can send messages back. Ask him to send a postcard (one each, we don't want arguments!) every few days; that's always a source of excitment when the postie comes! Before he goes he could make a tape of himself either with a message for your dd's or reading a bedtime story or two for them. Speaking on the phone is also fun for them. Using a globe or map of the world, trace out his journey and destination and talk about time differences etc, although that will be more for the older one, really but your younger one will take some of it in. Mark off the days on a calendar, too, and plan some fun activites for when he's away.

HTH, good luck!

Rozzy Thu 11-Apr-02 23:31:08

Message withdrawn

threeangels Thu 11-Apr-02 23:57:03

Maybe you can use a video camera and tape your family including dad doing some fun things together. Maybe on a special outing. Then while dad is away all of you can sit and watch it. The kids would probally watch it over and over. Another idea might be to put picture of their dad next to each of their beds. That way they can say goodnight each night. I hope this helps a little.

mollipops Fri 12-Apr-02 07:06:40

Maybe your dh could make an audio tape saying "goodnight" to the kids, at least the sound of his voice will be a familiar part of him, or arrange for him to call at bedtime if it's possible. I like the idea of a story tape too (or video which would be even better!) Let them have something of his (a t-shirt or something which smells like him - not saying your dh smells - you know what I mean!) to cuddle. They are bound to miss him (as you will too!) and ask for him of calls as often as practical and marking off the days sound like great ideas too. Oh and help them make him a "welcome home" card and maybe a special cake or something for his return! He'll be back before you know it! HTH.

Selja Fri 12-Apr-02 18:12:05

Not sure about the 4 year old as I think she will probably miss Daddy the most. My 2 year old is used to his Daddy being away (dh is in the Navy) and its just like oh well he's away again. I think as long as you are there they should adapt pretty well. They will probably need a lot of reassuring (especially at night) that you will not be going anywhere. You may well have some little visitors in the night to your bed. Like I said I think it will be the 4 year old who will be more upset.

hmb Fri 12-Apr-02 21:23:03

DH is often away, and ny two tend to take it as normal (ages 5 and 2). We find using e-mail helps, and the 5 year old feels very grown up e-mailing daddy (with lots of help ). Try not to give them a return date unless you are 100% sure that dady will get back on the right date.

You may well find the nights more disturbed....I think they want the re-assurance that you are still there.

batey Sat 13-Apr-02 10:04:48

Thanks everyone,got some things to work on now, Cheers

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