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ADHD - Natural remedies?

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APret05282 Wed 04-Feb-15 11:43:41

Is there any natural ADHD remedies out there that actually works?
I have been looking into something called 'Synaptol'.
My brother still suffers in his adult life with severe ADHD, and was diagnosed very young, my son is 6, and I see so much of the symptoms and behaviours in him as well. At the moment we are managing, but this is now being noticed and commented on at school as well and is definitely impacting his social development and learning even though he is very bright, and I know which way this is going to go, and I would prefer to try out any natural remedies before going down the chemical route. For my brother receiving medication and other help was an absolute life changer and worked for him.
Is there any advice please? Thanks

blankgaze Thu 05-Feb-15 17:10:46

All you can do is try and see if it works.

I looked at the Synaptol website and see it's US made and marketed in the same way a drug would be i.e. if you have x condition then this is the remedy you need. In the UK for natural remedies, it's more usual to go to a practitioner and have something especially made for the person who is assessed by that practitioner in a more holistic way than being seen as only a presentation of symptoms.

As well as homoeopathy, you may also like to have a look at
Bach Flower Essences
Medical Herbalists
A friend trained as a practitioner for Bush Flower Essences and found benefit using them for her son who has ADHD, in conjunction with a programme of aromatherapy massage and relaxation techniques.

Whatever natural method(s) you choose, please make sure you find a qualified, insured practitioner.

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