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How old was your child when he/she said his/her name?

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Gem13 Thu 22-Apr-04 12:01:12

DS (21 months) doesn't say his name. He uses other children's, his sister's, mummy, daddy, etc. but not his own.

He obviously knows it and responds to it but if you say to him in a mirror 'Who's that?' he answers 'Mummy' even if I am holding him up and not in obvious sight.

Yesterday I said 'Say XXXXXX' and he said 'Mummy!'

Before he was 1 he went through a couple of weeks where he used a baby version of his name (which we don't use!) but it didn't last long.

Should add that we're not worried about him, just intrigued.

secur Thu 22-Apr-04 12:08:11

Message withdrawn

Pidge Thu 22-Apr-04 12:11:12

My dd has been using her own name since about 19 months, she now uses it in combination with other words e.g. X's toy. She also knows her nickname - my dp asked her "Who is nickname" and she paused and then grinned and said her proper name. She's on the chatty end of the scale, it must be said!

Northerner Thu 22-Apr-04 12:11:28

My ds has just turned 2 and he started using it a couple of months ago. And like Secur he now uses it all the time - XXXXX do it, or if I'm doing something interesting he pushes in saying his name cause he wants to do it to! So it will come soon I'm sure!

motherinferior Thu 22-Apr-04 12:20:54

Took dd1 ages ages ages, especially to get it right

muddaofsuburbia Thu 22-Apr-04 12:59:11

Ds is 19 months and has been naming himself in the mirror and photographs for the past couple of months, but he doesn't use his name to describe what he's doing. He just says "me see" or "me going" etc.

Incidentally, how do you teach them the word "mine" without them turning into obnoxious snatching superbrat?

secur Thu 22-Apr-04 13:02:20

Message withdrawn

muddaofsuburbia Thu 22-Apr-04 13:03:57

Ahhh inevitable bratdom... will try to stave that off for as long as possible

secur Thu 22-Apr-04 13:07:00

Message withdrawn

Furball Thu 22-Apr-04 13:20:50

My DS is 2.8 and hasn't said his own name yet! He calls himself another name which he's made up and if you actually ask him what his name is he'll say another name again - Gordon. Obviously watches too much Thomas.

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