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Autistic spectrum disorder Hihg functioning

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JazzyJ Thu 22-Apr-04 10:15:04

Just got a diagnosis of high functioning autistic spectrum disorder for my son. Still hasn't completely sunken in. Now I don't know what of his behavior is just him and what is the ASD. The diagnosis is Higher than average physicality with lower than average to cusp of autism, communication and language. o it's not going to stop him having a full and independant life but he does need support in certain areas to help him in social situations.
This morning was so wierd, we were all getting dressed and he was ignoring my pleas with him to get out of his pyjamas and put his clothes on, a kind of normal average battle that we have from time to time, but I just lost all confidence in how to handle him because I wasn't sure about whether it was appropriate to deal with him as I usually do. I know this is just the tip of the ice berg, and we are well and truely ensconsed in the "system" now so support is on it's way but I just feel like I'm floundering. My partner and I are both dreading telling our parents and family and friends because we don't really know what we are dealing with ourselves yet, and the idea of all the questions and worry is too daunting. So we are waiting for the report and diagnosis from the doctor so that we have something in black and white to show them, but it feels like lying, not telling them.

coppertop Thu 22-Apr-04 10:23:47

Hi, JazzyJ.

My ds1 is nearly 4yrs old and has high-functioning autism too. There are quite a few of us over on the Special Needs board.

Have you had a chance to read about HFA yourself? The National Autistic Society's website is pretty good for finding info to start you off.

How old is your son?

dinosaur Thu 22-Apr-04 10:29:50

Hi JazzyJ, my DS1 is 4 (will be 5 in July) and got a diagnosis of high functioning autism in March 2003, so I can understand a bit of what you are going through.

The diagnosis will take a bit of time to sink in, don't worry about that, that is natural, and don't worry about rushing to tell your relatives, I agree it's probably easier to wait until you've got the written report.

How old is your son? It usually takes me ages to persuade DS1 to get dressed, and he won't dress himself, so as times is usually short I just end up doing it for him. Please don't feel that you should necessarily change how you handle your son just because you've got the diagnosis - whatever has worked for you up to now, stick with it, and just concentrate on figuring out new tactics for the bits that don't work so well!

Do keep in touch and tell us more about him and you.

JazzyJ Thu 22-Apr-04 10:39:53

Crikey that was so quick , Thankyou.
I literally just returned because I realised I'd forgotten to mention his age, He's 4 and 3 months.

dinosaur Thu 22-Apr-04 10:47:04

JazzyJ, check out the special needs threads - there are several mums with auti/Aspergers kids on there. And they are all a fount of knowledge and info and support.

coppertop Thu 22-Apr-04 10:59:45

Jazzyj - When I started reading about autism I discovered (as everyone else probably did too) that we were already using a lot of the strategies that were recommended. I think we must all pick them up as we go along. As Dinosaur says, just carry on doing whatever you've been doing up until now. If you ever need tips, advice, somewhere to rant, or somewhere to celebrate good news then the Special Needs board is the perfect place to go.

maryz Thu 22-Apr-04 12:48:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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