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DD holding her wee for 24 hours!!!

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jfj2002 Sun 01-Feb-15 21:00:35

My dd is 4.5 years and we have had major issues with her withholding urine since she has been potty trained (2 years). She was checked out by a specialist & there was a physical reason making it difficult for her to go. This was treated and resolved however it has caused a behavioural problem so that we are now at the stage where she only pees once in 24 hours right before bed time. She rarely has accidents but she is very uncomfortable by the time she finally goes, sometimes to the point where she can barely walk but she point blank refuses to go. It does seem to stress her out as she is very irritable when she clearly needs to go. We have tried all the usual things, sticker charts, rewards, making it fun, taking her to the loo at the same time as we go, talking to her about it, encouraging her to go, completely ignoring it, etc... She has had a couple of urine infections from holding it for so long which have made the problem worse as she is now scared of it hurting. Has anyone else experienced anything similar or have suggestions of what we do next? The health visitor/GP haven’t helped at all. Our next option is to see a child psychiatrist but I’m worried about making even more of an issue of it. Any advice would be appreciated as we really are getting desperate!

MrsTawdry Sun 01-Feb-15 21:13:25

Poor DD. I'd be tempted to look at a cognitive behaviour won't make more of an issue of is NHS info about it. Speak to your GP and demand a referral....if they say it won't help ask to see a different GP and keep on at it.

ANY decent GP would refer you for this.

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