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Recommendation for my 15 wk 9kg bab, bouncer needed.

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airhostess Sat 31-Jan-15 03:33:47

Hello, I've got a big boy who needs a bouncer but can apart from two he's too big for the majority on the market. They go up to 9kg.
The only ones I can see are Nuna Leaf and Baby a Bjorn but these are over £100. Any recommendations?

Artandco Sat 31-Jan-15 03:39:46

Sheepskin rug in floor? You can't use baby bouncers once they can sit up anyway as can tip, so at 15 weeks it's not going to last long surely?

PragmaticWench Sat 31-Jan-15 03:51:40

Agree with Artandco, he'll most likely be sitting soon so you won't be able to use it for much longer. My DS is 14 weeks and 20 lbs and is now pulling up to sitting in his bouncer. Its days are limited otherwise he'll flip it over.

What about a jumperoo or something else where he'll be held upright like a bumbo?

SoftSheen Sat 31-Jan-15 04:15:23

The Baby Bjorn bouncer is expensive but you can use it up until the baby can walk, and then as a chair (with the strap removed) up until about age 2. Ours has been well used so far (currently using for newborn DC2).

Want2bSupermum Sat 31-Jan-15 04:34:32

DS was huge. Had him in an exersaucer from 2months onwards with a towel behind his back to help support his head. He loved that thing.

DS would bounce in the exersaucer and swirl himself around. After half an hour he would get tired and fall asleep.

Biscuitless Sat 31-Jan-15 19:16:54

I wouldn't bother with the Baby Bjorn. We bought this for our first (also 9kg at 15weeks) and though I think it was ok then, it didn't last him long thereafter - by 5.5 months his bottom just sank down all the way onto the floor so it didn't work as a bouncer, and became only a rather expensive seat which was uncomfortable for a big boy.

However, what has worked well second time round, with our even bigger and heavier DS2, is the Fisherprice newborn to toddler chair. This is a bouncy chair with several recline positions, a toy bar over it, and a vibrating function. Being larger to accommodate a toddler size it was very comfy for DS2 to snooze in and he would happily watch us from it.

Re jumperoos, our DS was over the weight limit for his before he could use it properly, although he did get enjoyment from it nevertheless. Door bouncers didn't work for us at all - again DS was too big and heavy, the harness was too small to support his body and he just sank all the way down to the floor unable to bounce.

You will also need to think about moving up car seats if you haven't already as your DS is likely to outgrow his group 0 seat before he is ready to go forward facing - there is lots of info on mumsnet and elsewhere about extended rearward facing. When DS2 outgrew his maxi cosi cabriolet at 5.5 months we bought a Hauck Variogard seat which has been excellent, some of the other extended rearward facing are aimed at older babies who can sit properly whereas the Hauck has a supportive shell.

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