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child's front bottom teeth have been pushed forward- crying (me)

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Whatalife58 Thu 29-Jan-15 23:06:47

My child 5 had a dental appointment today. He had a filling- first and hopefully the last. We are vigilant about teeth brushing and diet is quite good. He has/had lovely teeth.
The appointment was a 3. He was fine afterwards and was playing at about 4.30 and fell. His front bottom teeth have been pushed right forward they are all out of alignment and were bleeding. It is not about me I know but I was completely and utterly upset when I saw them and still am. Obviously I tried not to let him see this.
The teeth are pushed forward but not loose. I took him to a lovely emergency dentist who prescribed antibiotics cal pol and said to check with the other dentist but they would probably have to be taken out. Anybody had similar experiences/ advise, anything!

Ineedacleaningfairy Fri 30-Jan-15 11:36:23

Are they baby teeth? If so my advice is calpol and tooth fairly and thank your lucky stars it wasn't adult teeth!

If it's adult teeth then it's more serious, I smashed my 2 front adult teeth out when I was 9, I now have crowns.

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