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2yr, so hard at the end of tether, please help.

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ChoochiWoo Thu 29-Jan-15 11:11:01

2 year old is still in that 'I can say a few words but not speak properly' stage so in frustration hes screams the most blood curdling scream, its horrendous my and dh get so angry about it, as its relentless and sometimes I could just walk out when ive had a particularly bad day, he also had horrendous paddies flinging himself if ive picked him up to remove him, biting,nipping throwing himself at the slightest thing, throwing things...when hes becoming too aggressive I have to put him in 'lock down' to sit him on my knee one hand across his arms and one across his head and count to 10 so he cant hurt himself or me any more, I shouldn't have to do that though sad ive made allowances as hes had a lit of upheaval, had to move 4 times in a year last year, but Im gonna end up in an early grave at this rate, I already have another child to deal with, if anyone has any advice on better ways to calm him down would be much appreciated.

Purpledaisy3 Thu 29-Jan-15 15:53:41

Don't know that I can offer much, but my middle child had some behavioural issues like this (glad to say we've outgrown them).

Rather than trying to calm down the aggresive behaviour, can you work out what triggers it? If it's all frustration in communication issues (which we had because of hearing problems), we had some cards with pictures on to show what was wanted to help a bit, but maybe some hand signals/sign language might do the same job?

I found that instead of pinning down, when at home we had a safe 'time out' zone. Know it's not always possible but it was like that became a place we associated with calming down, and often calmed doen faster if away from the situation which caused the tantrum.

Don't know if that will help at all, I remember it well and it's horrible, especially when you're having one of those days when it seems like everyone else has a perfect angelic child who was born with a full vocabulary and toilet trained and sleeping through. Arrgghh!! lol, it gets better honest xx

ChoochiWoo Thu 29-Jan-15 22:35:26

Thank you for your replie will hopefully elaborate later.

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