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PuffinPie Wed 28-Jan-15 16:18:42

Sorry for the rant, just got back from the school run and my 4 year old Ds hit me and tried to bite me in front of everyone because I asked him to come here.

Yes I have done the talking about it, explaining to talk when he feels cross and not to hit, reward charts etc and yet we are still here. Today was the final straw and I threatened to drop him at the police if he did it one more time.

He told me I am lovely and he knows that it makes me sad but some how I don't think this is the last of it. I haven't had any feedback from school about it and he said he doesn't hit his friends. Just me and his brother!

Sorry for the rant and I would welcome similar experiences

Verbena37 Wed 28-Jan-15 20:15:24

He is perhaps feeling a bit unsettled at school or something happened and he was showing off in front of friends etc. rather than get too upset about it, believe me, it's a completely normal thing for them to go through a hitting/slapping/pinching/biting phase. With my two, I just sternly told them "we do NOT hurt other people" and then say give the punishment like no tv, toy taken away, no star on your chart etc.

Then when you are home and he has quieten end down, explain to him that you were hurt and upset and ask why he felt he needed to do that.

I think children today get so wound up having to sit still for so long at school.....carpet time drives some of them bonkers!! It's a lot for a four yr old to have a whole day at school and not react in some way afterwards.

PuffinPie Wed 28-Jan-15 20:39:10

Thank you Verbena 37. I feel as if we have talked about it so many times. It seems to be when he doesn't get his own way or he is upset . He lashed out at ds2 tonight, scratched him because he took his yogurt and shouted at him to spit it out. I made them both apologise to each other.

I have spent the last few minutes googling adhd, aspergers, trying to find some consistency with his behaviours as he really doesn't seem to be able to control his temper.

I wish I didn't take it so personally, it's not fair on ds2 either.

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