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9 Month HV review

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Countryside14 Mon 26-Jan-15 08:58:54

Can anyone tell me their experiences with this and what to expect? We have ours coming up.

Thank you smile

LetThereBeCupcakes Mon 26-Jan-15 09:29:02

Ours was a complete waste of time I'm afraid! In fact I posted a thread about it:

Of course it varies depending on your HV so hopefully you'll have more luck than I did.

FWIW DS is now 2 and none of the terrible things that our HV predicted have come true.

Countryside14 Mon 26-Jan-15 10:22:23

Thank you. I thought they might be a bit like this. Hopefully I don't come away feeling awful as I worry so much already!

NickyEds Mon 26-Jan-15 11:09:01

At our they measured weight, head and length. Had a few questions about him crawling, walking (he was just cruising then), babbling, clapping etc. They asked how he'd been fed, how weaning had gone, how much milk he still had, how many meals, what he eats etc. They also asked about nursery/ childcare but I'm a SAHM so that bit didn't matter.Oh and toothbrushing, vaccinations, on going health issues (eczema and so on) and sleeping. It's just like a checklist that you could probably do at home. They gave us a bag of free stuff with a toothbrush and paste, Tommy Tippee cup, info about joining the library and some leaflets I never read! It was all very positive and they were encouraging (much more so than normal!).

LetThereBeCupcakes Mon 26-Jan-15 11:13:29

I am envy at Nicky's Experience. <considers moving where ever Nicky is>

NickyEds Mon 26-Jan-15 11:20:13

I was genuinely surprised!! Normally they find something to have a go at you about and I'd been dreading it for weeks. The hv said "Well it look like you're doing a splendid job!" and I was [shocked][shocked]!

NickyEds Mon 26-Jan-15 11:20:55

shockshock -obviously can't do past tense!

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