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severe sleep problems & social behaviour

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ros2007 Sun 25-Jan-15 23:37:56

Our 7 yr old daughter was a very happy & sociable girl, very outgoing. But for about 2 years now she has developed a terrible inability to sleep, she can literally go down at 7.30 and be awake at 11pm. This has caused difficulties getting up in the morning (as it would). Also recently she has been saying that she has no friends at school, in a matter of fact sort of way but you can tell it hurts her. She has also been prone to the odd tantrum.

When she does sleep it all gets better, but we can't seem to fix it permanently and it reverts back to the bad old ways. We took her to the doctor recently to see what the issue could be, and she shocked us completely by saying she wanted her to go for Aspergers tests. This is heartbreaking to us- we've done so much research and yes, sleep seems to be a big thing, also the lack of social interaction. But sleep seems to make it a lot better, and she does not exhibit any of the physical signs- disorganisation, below average results at school, and she does have a couple of friends, and she does care a lot about friendship.

This is breaking us up to be honest, we see her at playtime wondering around on her own, and we don't really know what to do. The tests might not be confirmed for months so we are in limbo.

Does anybody have any experience of going through anything similar?

MrsTawdry Mon 26-Jan-15 10:28:59

Firstly children with ASD don't always have low school performance at all. In fact many are very academic.

It's very hard to hear that our child might have difficulties...and you should remember that girls with ASD can "Pass" as neuro typical for many years as they're better at imitating social skills than boys are.

I can't advise on the sleep issue...but I know children with a diagnoses are sometimes given Melatonin to help them sleep and it works wonders

Speak to school, ask to see their SENCO and tel them you need a plan in place to support DD at playtime whilst she's undergoing assesment...they should be helping her....they can get her a buddy or help her in other ways such as encouraging her to join a lunchtime club. I know this is hard. I feel for you....but do speak to her teacher and the SENCO asap.x

Mojito100 Mon 26-Jan-15 10:36:57

My DS has some similar issues to your DD but also very different ones. We have found melatonin works for him and he is really starting to grow and develop with a better sleep and all of the other supports we have in place.

I once suggested melatonin on a similar thread but had a comment which was a bit critical so hesitate now suggesting it. All I can say it has worked for my DS wonderfully and is helping him with all his chalkenges.

MrsTawdry Mon 26-Jan-15 15:23:56

Mojito Can children without a DX get Melatonin? My ten year old has a terrible time sleeping. She can't unwind. sad

Mojito100 Mon 26-Jan-15 21:59:03

In the USA you buy it over the counter and here in Australia we can to but not to the high dosages you can in the USA. I assume you can get it from the chemist without a script in the UK. My paediatrician recommended buying it online from the USA which is what I will do when what we have runs out. I give my DS 3mg and I was taking the same but just upped mine to 6mg as I kept waking in the middle of the night. I don't wake up drowsy at all.

MrsTawdry Mon 26-Jan-15 22:00:42's only on prescription here in the UK apparently. I checked.

hahaRainbow Mon 26-Jan-15 23:11:19

ros2007 - I sent you a private message - i hope things are better today

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