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mean girls! only 5

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fluffingitup Sun 25-Jan-15 20:22:34

hi, can anyone help. my daughter started school in September and she has picked up some unkind habits quite quickly. leaving other girls (former friends) out, calling names, ignoring etc. I'm quite surprised this has started so young and really want to avoid her becoming or being seen as a bully. does anyone have any experience or tips for dealing with this please? ty x

catkind Sun 25-Jan-15 20:33:10

I say talk talk talk to her. They're still learning social skills at this age. Keep explaining why you don't like these habits and how they might make the other children feel.
Maybe talk to her teacher too, say what you've seen and you're concerned she might upset other children at school, and also about where she's getting the behaviour from. Sounds like the sort of thing the teacher might want to address in circle time.

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