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5yr old is up to 2 yrs behind, help pls

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goingslightlycrazy Sat 24-Jan-15 00:39:43

Just reaching out really...
DD3 has been having difficulties from Pre-sch. Tracking academically, emotionally and socially far below expected age. She showed emotional immaturity - wouldn't eat at per-sch, play outside, join in with new activities. Didn't know and still doesn't seem to know colours, numbers, animals, animal sounds, phonics... Have had lots of contact with pre-sch ins visit from early years, then started foundation in Sep '14.

I instigated contact with foundation to ensure smoothest transition poss. Now I'm going to GP on Mon for paediatrician referral to see if we can get some diagnosis/help for her.

She's being set the easiest 'school work' but is refusing to engage at school. She is having constant toilet accidents (she thinks the toilets are dirty - they probably are!), behind in her language and understanding (assessed by therapist this wk). She's not interested at all in phonics, numeracy, picture books, nothing. School say that she cannot hold her attention at all.

I knew that she was 'behind' but can see that she's moving forward. This week, I have had this benchmarking that shows her peers are striding ahead while she is still operating at 30-50m (she's 61m). And now I'm panicking I suppose. My 2 DS (8 &14) are fine.

Has anyone got experience of this situation?
Thanks in advance

Singleandproud Sat 24-Jan-15 00:42:18

Sounds a little like dyspraxia but I'm not an expert.
I hope your GP visit goes well and just follow your instincts

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