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sensory issues or just being difficult ?

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s88 Fri 23-Jan-15 21:58:53

My dd is almost 6 and for about the last 2 years has been very difficult mainly when getting dressed . I was just browsing looking for boxer shorts (full ones) for her as underwear is the main issue, go ogling daughter wont wear underwear etc and everything I was reading was about sensory issues. The list was quite familiar with what we're experiencing.

she is very slim, and quite tall for her age and in the mornings she will change her underwear about 5 times as she says they are uncomfortable. she found a pair she liked, so I went and bought 2 more packs of exactly the same ones .. no good !

I have just been into her and noticed she had toilet roll in her pants. she said she does it all the time because her pants feel funny and this stops it .

She refuses to wear any trousers apart from the 3 pairs of school trousers she has.

refuses to wear leggings and tights .

brushing her hair hurts as soon as it touches her head.

I have to pull the ends on her socks otherwise they're uncomfortable

won't wear anything over her ears

very hyper at home but not at school? seems to not be listening half the time to me but so good at school .

If she can't find pants or clothes to fit she goes into a complete meltdown pulling at her clothes.

won't eat anything slightly over cooked. hates crumbs,will refuse to sit at the table if there are crumbs.

very fussy eater ( age thing ?)

I'm just curious what other people's opinions are ?


MrsTawdry Sat 24-Jan-15 00:05:13

Sounds very like my 6 year old! Right down to the tall and active and good at school but nuts at home.

I don't consider that these are sensory issues in the real sense as they don't really impact her life in general. She's fine at school...mine is a total control freak and loves to give me the runaround.

I'm sure that sometimes her socks DO feel funny...and she loves nothing more than to have me tweaking them for her and the fetching more!

mumslife Sat 24-Jan-15 20:26:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kissmyassdotcom Tue 27-Jan-15 13:53:46

Hi my Dd (almost 6) has always been a little sensitive to noise, clothes, light etc. She is very similar to your Dd at school too. I noted an increase in the behavior at home a couple of months ago. Shortly after, we visited the dentist he pointed out that her back teeth were coming through and warned there may be signs of 'teething' shock this never even crossed my mind when DS was this age!

Dd very very rarely tells us when she is poorly, she tends to become overly sensitive to things, nothing is ever right, she can become very frustrated over the tiniest of things...So I can kind of work out whats wrong but this last time had me stumped until the dentist visit. As for school she is actually too scared not to do as she should and then it all comes to a head when she gets home.

I have to boil wash my Dd's underwear because any type of detergent makes her feel uncomfortable down below also loo roll that smell of perfume (don't know if you are familiar or not) did the same, this one took a while to work out too but she hasn't complained since, we tried all sorts of underwear even the very expensive seamless ones before we found out what it was.

BTW we are keeping an eye on Dd for the time being with regards to the sensitivities.

DeanKoontz Tue 27-Jan-15 14:08:07

I feel your pain. Both mine are like this. No tolerance of labels, shoes, socks, adjustable waists, etc etc etc.

I think there are sensory issues, but it can quickly become a 'behaviour'.

In my dd's case, It all got a lot better when I just stopped showing any reaction at all to it. Benign smile at best.

You want to go out without shoes, knickers, etc on?...... That's fine.
You want to wear shorts in the snow?..... Great, let's go.
You want to wear your old worn out, too small school shoes..... No probs.

I'm very easy about what they wear (and they have looked very odd at times), but my objective is just to all get where we need to be on time, with smiles on our faces.

Mine were probably a bit older than your dd, but I think 6 is just about old enough to realise that it's only their own fault that their feet are wet if they've refused the wellies you offered.

Incidentally, the only knickers my dd feels comfortable in are girls boxers from M&S. And ds wears his socks inside out as he hates the seam.

mumslife Tue 27-Jan-15 16:24:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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