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vomiting when upset

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thearty1 Thu 22-Jan-15 17:08:11

My DS who's now 22 months has a habit of vomiting when he cries. The more upset he is the more he vomits. He has always done this, but I'm now getting worried because I am literally unable to start a nursery. When he was 18m we tried settling in sessions at 2 different nurseries. As soon as i left the room he started crying. If i stayed out he would become inconsolable and throw up, and if we tried to let him cry it out, he'd just make himself poorly to the point of becoming limp. More recently I've again started trying to leave him briefly in a group setting and it's not looking good.
I've recently found myself having to tread eggshells if we are out, and if I have to say 'no' or tell him off for doing something unacceptable. As if he gets upset or has a temper tantrum, there is a high chance of him projectile vomiting, and it's so awful when this happens if we are out. I don't think he's deliberately making himself sick, as he hates it and gets more upset when he is.
Are there any other children that have done this? And any advice on how to go forwards will be appreciated. Thanks.

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