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7 year struggling socially

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Feellikerubbish Thu 22-Jan-15 11:21:28

My 7 year old son has always been reserved and as a toddler, used to cling onto me and i had to go everywhere with him when he wanted to play. Since starting school, it has improved dramatically but where i see other kids starting bond and have best friends, he is still neither here or there.

Some days he tells me he spent the whole playtime by himself. Often the reason is either he doesn't like to play what his friends are playing or he was too tired to play. He sleeps enough and eats ok.

We often invite friends home to play and he plays well initally when it's just one other child but after a while, he becomes rude and selfish and finds it hard to share or wants everything his way. Playing with more than one child, he will usually be the one who is quiet and left out.

He is a very sensitive child and when he's in the mood, he plays well but if he's not in the mood, he gets very miserable and grumpy.

Anyone have any tips on how i can help him socialise a bit better and to cope with his feelings?

funnyossity Thu 22-Jan-15 11:53:28

I had a reserved one (after a socially easy one!) Don't write him off just yet, you have already seen a big improvement occur. Accept him for who he is, some people have less need for others and can be self contained but given opportunities at the right time he will develop social skills.

My DS sounds similar and has improved in group situations so now at 9 seems to do fine. He couldn't be bothered with team sports (unlike his brother at the same age) but he has got a lot out of martial arts where he is doing it alone but within the framework of a group. He now has got to the joining in at football stage, again he just always seems a couple of years behind the others.

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