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Being sick when upset

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thearty1 Thu 22-Jan-15 01:58:49

My 22 month old DS is often sick when he cries. He was unable to start nursery (when i tried to enrol him at 18 months) as he threw up during all settling in sessions. He has recently started to develop a temper and I need to be able to tell him off when necessary, . However if he goes into meltdown he will usually end up projectile vomiting. I'm now starting to become worried about taking him out, as there have been some awful incidents lately where he's thrown up in shops, cafes, toddler groups, etc.
Does anyone else have a child who does this?

306235388 Thu 22-Jan-15 04:56:19

Yep - dd still does at 4.5. She also throws up if she has a cough / is frightened / tastes something she doesn't like / gets hurt. It's excessive gag reflex but the doing it when upset is mostly a behavioural thing I think.

She does it much less now but when she started nuraery at 3 she regularly did it. I told teachers and they ignored and cleaned her up and carried on which is basically what I do.

Don't be embarrassed but do be prepAred eg have strategically placed sick receptacles in the car and in certain places around the house then you just catch the sick, wipe their face and carry on as if it hasn't happened.

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