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Behavioural issues at school

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PeggyL Wed 21-Jan-15 15:21:41

I'm really hoping someone can help, my DS, 4 in July started Reception this year and since then his behaviour has deteriorated. He doesn't want to do the structured activities such as guided reading, can be disruptive and be removed from class, has had total meltdowns where they can't control him, he's been screaming and swearing. He really likes breakfast and after school club which he 'a in a couple if days as it's just free play really. He can't express why he acts like this and can't calm down quickly but when he is calm it 's totally forgotten about. He kicked the lunchtime teacher in the playground yesterday as she told him to stop knocking some blocks down and seems to go from zero to really angry really quickly. He was do distressed at PE and having to change, then enjoying it and not wanting him to stop that I got a call to come and take him home. He says he hasn't done any of these things and said it was an 'accident' and I just don't know what to do ! Is he after attention, unhappy there, what can I do to support him, get to understand what's going on, please help !

Purpledaisy3 Wed 21-Jan-15 17:12:54

I'm afraid I don't have an answer, but my DD (now 10) was very like this. Have you been to the school to speak about it? My dd didn't like being shouted at, she responded far better to time out, so them knowing things like that helped a lot (turned out part of the problem was a hearing impairment). They managed to get some behavioural therapy involved (they had them onsite anyway) and that involved her talking about her feelings (they described them in terms of colours) and relaxation techniques, that sort of thing. When she had a 'red' feeling in her tummy she had to blow it out to the count of 5. I know it might sound a bit woolly, but it really helped her. She also had a favourite doll that I told her if there were things she couldn't talk to me she could tell the doll, she'd go to her room and then come tell me anyway, sometimes it helped her to put her feelings into words so that she could explain it.
Don't have any idea if any of that would help with yours, but if you haven't do try talking to the school. I'm positive that he won't be the first or last to react to starting school like that.

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