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7 yr old miserable and rude

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Feellikerubbish Wed 21-Jan-15 11:40:43

My 7 year old son has always been miserable in the mornings. EVen as a baby, he used to moan and whine a lot. He is now in year 2 and as much as i try to explain to him that it's not other peoples fault that he is tired, when friends say hi or try to play with him, he just ignores them or make rude remarks.

He sleeps 10 to 11 hours a night, falls asleep around 8.30. I have tried to get him to sleep earlier but then he just wakes up earlier. Breakfast, i have tried giving him more food to eat and although this has helped, some mornings he just doesn't feel like eating more and therefore, he ends up miserable. Even when he eats well in the mornings, he is still not lively and happy like the other kids i see.

I know many of us adults don't like mornings and often a little miserable, some people are just this way. But how can i help my son find ways to cope? Kids don't understand when he's being rude to them or ignoring them and eventually they'll just realise he's not fun to be around and not play with him.

In the afternoon, he usually perks up but after school when he is hungry again, he'll be grumpy until he's eaten then he perks up again!

He has always been quite reserved anyway so socially he struggles a bit at school.

Has anyone got any advice/tips or who can just relate to this?

Artandco Wed 21-Jan-15 11:53:29

Have you tried high protein breakfast? Eggs, nuts, etc. will help with any mood slumps from carbs/sugar. So maybe boiled eggs, and peanut butter and banana milkshake or similar?

Go and wake him, open curtains and give milkshake, and then leave to wake up/ dress/ drink himself the first 30 mins so he doesn't have to interact and can wake up

Feellikerubbish Wed 21-Jan-15 12:23:56

Last week i got him to sleep half an hour earlier and he woke up the next morning half an hour earlier, giving him an hour before we leave for school instead of the usual half hour. As a result he had more time to eat instead of rushing and eating just one slice of toast of one bowl of cereals. He had time and ate egg muffin, porridge, cereal bar and hot chocolate. We went to school earlier each day too and one morning, he even went off to play with his friends before the bell rang.

I was getting up earlier myself and got myself ready first without waking him up, he was waking up by himself in a good mood. This morning, i had to wake him up and although he did have time to eat, he didn't feel like eating much.

I will try the nuts/peanut butter milkshakes... will look into higher protein breakfast options.

Thank you

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