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17months and having terrible tantrums I have no idea how to handle them!

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mummyemily Mon 19-Jan-15 08:26:51

My 17month old son has in the last 10 days to have tantrums! he falls to his knees or bottom and then carefully lays down either face up or down and screams and kicks it happens mostly when he is told No - usually because he is trying to climb onto chairs/tables up the fridge freezer ect. My eldest son never has a single tantrum and I have no idea on how to deal with it I have told to leave him to to, pick him up and cuddle him, put him in his cot but i have no idea he isn't crying it seems just be be in retaliation for not getting his own way and it is exhausting! he will physically try and push me by my legs if I am busy and wont pick him up this also leads to another tantrum. Really interested in how other people deal with them.
I don't work so he is not left for long periods of time with anyone, his dad looks after him 2 x 2hrs a week when I have a bit of me time but apart from that he is with me all the time.

Starlight9 Mon 19-Jan-15 13:53:27

My daughter is very strong-willed and was constantly tantruming at that age. This is what I used to do: as soon as the tantrum begins, walk in to a separate room and carry on doing something (I would suddenly begin washing dishes or something to that nature) and completely ignore the tantrum. If you do not want to leave the room, preoccupy yourself with something.. My daughter would soon enough decide that tantruming did not work and come over to me at some point, I would then not discuss the tantrum or tell her that she shouldn't tantrum, simply just give her love and affection. But if she had tantrumed over wanting something that she wasn't allowed, I would then at some point maybe a few hours later or the next day when the item was within eye-shot explain to her that she wasn't allowed that item and give her something that she was allowed if that makes sense? Tantrums are exhausting but they're a part of becoming a toddler xx

Annietheacrobat Mon 19-Jan-15 14:26:32

Most of the time we end up laughing as DD2's are so pathetic and difficult to take seriously. DD1 didn't tantrum so this is new to us too. No doubt we are causing deep psychological harm.

Starlight9 Mon 19-Jan-15 14:32:32

Hahaha I always have to try not to laugh at my toddler. She pulls the most amusing pouty faces and wags her finger in my direction "no, no, noooo Mummy" hmm

Snooze1 Tue 20-Jan-15 14:23:33

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