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beginning to think about potty training now... best tips for a v v gentle and painless introduction?

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Emeraldgirl2 Thu 15-Jan-15 14:36:32

DD is 22 months so I think in fact I will wait to begin 'formal' potty training, as it were, in the warmer spring/summer months after she turns 2, so in May-ish this year when she is 2 years 2 months.

However she has just begun for the first time to start telling me when she has done a poo, tugging at her nappy and even occasionally saying 'change nappy'.

So I'm wondering about how/when to begin gently introducing the idea of the potty, even if I still don't actually suggest she starts using it for a while yet.

At the moment I'm just congratulating her for being a 'big girl' when she tells me she has a dirty nappy, and I occasionally mention that her older cousin (whom she worships) has started doing her wee wees in the toilet... but what if anything can I do to begin to head in the potty direction?

Should I be taking her with me to the loo when I do a wee, as often as poss, so she can get the general idea?

Should I put a potty in the bathroom and casually mention what she might use it for eventually?

Or should I do nothing until we're actually ready to properly 'start'?

I'm just sensitive to the fact that DD is quite a strong-willed and also simulataneoulsy anxious sort of toddler (even by normal toddler standards) and the way things always work best with her is when she sort of 'discovers' them for herself IYSWIM. is we have the least resistance when she thinks something is her idea and when she has decided it is ok to do it, rather than when she feels mummy is 'making' her do something...

UniS Thu 15-Jan-15 14:41:33

Potty in the bathroom sounds sensible, as does talking about it, as does taking her with you to the loo at home.

Is there a time of day that she is more likely to wee or poo? I knew DS almost always weed after his breakfast, and got him into the habit of sitting on his potty for a bit having a story after breakfast.

Emeraldgirl2 Thu 15-Jan-15 14:45:29

thanks uniS!

Hm, is hard to say when she has a regular wee or poo as it tends to vary annoyingly... will keep that in mind though as if we have a few days with a bit of a pattern I could make a mental note (bizarre the way your life becomes about wee and poo at this stage!!)

Will start taking her into the bathroom as my little pal (!) when I go for a wee and then maybe put a potty in there over the next couple of weeks and see how we go...

Guin1 Thu 15-Jan-15 15:14:30

My DS is 2.5 yo and I am just starting a real push with potty training. He has come to the loo with me for what feels like every wee since he could walk! Not my decision - he just liked following me everywhere. We have also had a potty lingering in the background like part of the furniture for about a year. It has lived on different occasions in the bathroom, sitting room, playroom, etc. DS was given a book called 'Pirate Pete's Potty' about a year ago, that we used to read occasionally (just to familiarise ideas), although have read much more often in recent weeks to reinforce how wonderful potties are. It would be fine for girls too, but there are probably similar books which have a female 'star' out there.

A couple of suggestions - let your DD choose her own potty if poss, or have some stickers so she can personalise it. She can sit her dolls and soft toys on it 'when they need to do a wee'. Also, when you're ready to start the 'formal training', let her choose her own 'big girl' knickers. (This was a major event for my DS, much anticipated and v exciting!)

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