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Milk in the night tantrum at 20 months

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Jennywren21 Wed 14-Jan-15 21:27:12

My daughter has been great to put to bed, she has about a pint of milk in the course of a day with 125ml before bed with a small snack (keep it small to avoid leaking). Then water if she is still thirsty and if she does wake in the night water is offered. Been like this for well over a year.

UNTIL she had chicken pox. On the tail end of it now but she didn't eat much and was off her milk in the height of it. The Last two nights she has wanted more more more milk at bedtime, then waking up in night saying milk milk milk. I would never usually have given it to her but at first thought she is catching up and she was eating loads during the day too. Last night though she went through a pint! Between 7pm, 1am and again at 4am then had a total tantrum melt down after the 4am one.

Bedtime tonight she had a Tantrum because I would only give her 180ml... Trying to compromise. Water didn't cut it, I refused until she was too tired to argue anymore.

What on earth has happened? I'm expecting a baby and can't be doing night feeds with a toddler. Anyone else had this?

Verbena37 Thu 15-Jan-15 19:01:34

Perhaps try to increase her day milk for a bit until she is back to feeling normal....she might be really hungry if she has been off her food and milk for a while.

At night, if she asks for milk, could you just give her a centimetre, just so she has a drop and then hopefully, once she ups her day intake, she will start sleeping through again.

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