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3 month old learnt to roll

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Dazedconfused Tue 13-Jan-15 11:34:15

help my 15 week old worked out finally how to roll yesterday and she loves it. she has rolled from her tummy to back since about 3 weeks and had been working on back to front for the last 2 weeks with the odd success but has now mastered it.

I have those big jigsaw squares on the floor and mats and rugs down but how do I hem her in? I have hard wood floors and a marble surround on fire place and not much space so don't want her nutting herself off them (and don't worry I am down on the floor all the time with her at the moment but could do with something to hem her in).

Does anywhere do little walls or something I can put round the jigsaw pieces (only have space for 4 on the floor)

Mogz Tue 13-Jan-15 12:16:28

Get a fire guard and don't worry about the hard floors too much, my sisters in law grew up in Oman and took their first rolls, crawls and steps on stone tiled floors! If you're that worried then try putting cushions around them, should work until she learns how to climb!

Dazedconfused Tue 13-Jan-15 15:55:29

Thanks Mogz sometimes can't see wood for the trees...your answer makes sense will get the sofa cushions everywhere

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