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A screaming teething 8 mo...

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MrsRV Mon 12-Jan-15 20:53:01

i've never known anything like it... do those amber bead things really work??? where can i buy them?

nilbyname Mon 12-Jan-15 20:57:46

Only if you stick then in your ears grin

Ashton teething powders are good, but not sure if you can still get them.

Nurofen is good as it is better for swelling. That and lots of liquids and kisses and cuddles. The rule book for sleep kind of goes out the window, lots of co sleeping worked for us and breast feeding on demand.

sebashocked Mon 12-Jan-15 21:10:16

Are you 100% sure it's teething? Uness the gum is significantly inflamed then teething shouldn't cause enough discomfort to provoke screams. If goes on longer than 24/48 hours with no appearance of a tooth, then would be wise to investigate other causes - ear infections tend to be the most common culprit. And I second nilbyname's affirmation that amber beads are useless (major bit of waste of money woo).

Eminado Mon 12-Jan-15 22:07:55



Agree to check for ear imfection esp if baby cries when lying down.

Hope baby is better soon.

Countryside14 Mon 12-Jan-15 22:15:43

My lg is 8 months and just cut her first tooth. A few days leading up to it she was very upset and did have a few screaming fits due to the pain. Not nice at all sad

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