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Puberty in Boys what are the stages?

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hulahoopsilove Sat 10-Jan-15 10:11:48

DS is age 10 so wondering if this will be kicking in soon or will he be a little older and what are the stages?

cdwales Sat 10-Jan-15 12:12:56

Everyone is different so take things as they arise! My oldest DS is now 19 and adorable. A practical suggestion though; adolescence can be tough on some. When an example comes up - on the news or a local incident - discuss it informally and plant the idea that when you are young you lack perspective on how time passes and the knowledge that upsetting things always pass or fade. Just as teenagers sometimes opine, as my 13 yr old sister did once, that life is over at age 30, so they can really use the idea that when one feels totally mired the feeling will not last. To reinforce this refer to a time they were down recently and ask how they are now - and watch them struggle to remember what you are referring to! Be sensitive and manage their expectations.
I was lucky and found it easy to empathise with mine as we are genetically 'wired' similarly. But this is unusual as most parents are not that similar to their children because of the genetic lottery. It really helps if you feel for them when they are in the grip of some powerful feeling and do not get angry...
The reward is that they still talk to you when htey are young people.
All the best!

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