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Bed time help

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ruth4321 Thu 08-Jan-15 19:30:51

I know we have made a mistake and it's a long story but DS 17 months had terrible silent reflux as a baby and would not lie down even with the cot elevated so we ended up pushing him in his buggy to go off to sleep and now we still do it! For naps and bed time. He does sleep through fine so it's not causing any problems but we would like to be able to put him to bed and him go to sleep himself. I don't like the idea of him crying as he's going off to sleep so has anyone done this transition and stopped the buggy successfully or any tips how to do it?

MrsTawdry Thu 08-Jan-15 21:26:46

I would work to making the pushes shorter and shorter every night until eventually you're not even leaving the house.

Start by cutting the journey down slowly....he will associate the buggy with long does he take to drop off currently? how far do you need to walk?

ruth4321 Thu 08-Jan-15 22:11:10

We don't walk outside just push him in his bedroom in the dark in it. It takes about 15-30 mins sometimes shorter to get him off. Then we leave him about 20 mins and move him into his cot where he sleeps all night

MrsTawdry Thu 08-Jan-15 22:17:42

Hmm that's a bit tougher then! I would simply cut down the time...put him in it as usual, then push him but transfer him before he's asleep. Yes he may/will cry and wake right up again..but don't put him back in it...and don't whatever you do sit down or lie near him....say some comforting words and leave.

if he really roars, go back, repeat nice words and leave again.

I had similar in that my DD was used to me lying down with her till she fell asleep...I had to stop took a solid week of what I describe above till she got used to it but she did.

ruth4321 Fri 09-Jan-15 10:01:18

So you wouldn't recommend sitting with him or putting him in our bed till he falls asleep? I was going to try one of those then work up to leaving him I don't want him getting all upset before bed but it's probably me that's worried more than him!

looki Fri 09-Jan-15 14:21:55

I agree with Mrs Tawdry. I'd shorten the rocking motion and definitely put him into his cot while he is drowsy but still awake. Reduce the time by five minutes every three or four days until soon he won't need it (hopefully!).

Good luck with it.

MrsTawdry Fri 09-Jan-15 14:33:33

No I wouldn't recommend sitting with him or putting him into your bed....if you do that you will end up with a different problem that's all.

I know because I've been there..twice! And done similar things with mine...grin

My youngest DD was by far the worst but both my DDs had the same problems and when they're 3 or 4 it's even LESS livable with than when they're 14 months.

It's infuriating to have to put them in your bed, have to move them again and then have them wake up when you attempt it...or to be chained to the side of their bed when they're trying to go off and all they do is chatter in the darkness...then when they DO fall asleep you tiptoe out and they shout "MAMA! Don't go!!"

I am still having issues with DD2 who is now SIX! I had to toughen up on her and she's getting used to it but she still shouts me too often.

Just reduce rocking, put him down and leave. He may cry...probably will...but don't chat to him too kind but brief when you pop back in "Bedtime now...goodnight!" and leave again.

Obviously if he gets purple in the face and distressed then pick him up, cuddle and put down again. Repeat.

ruth4321 Fri 09-Jan-15 17:22:51

Thanks we will give it a go I will need to wait till I'm in a strong willed mood!

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