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Horrifically fussy eater - 2 years old

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Mammanat222 Thu 08-Jan-15 16:24:03

I did BLW, child used to eat everything but now is the fussiest eater ever.

This has been ongoing for months now. Will be seeing a HV for 2 year check soon-ish [I am due to have baby number 2 any day now so won't be seeing HV in the super immediate future]

Child seems happy and healthy, is rarely ill and is in proportion.

Just to give you an idea I'll tell you what child does eat:

Will eat anytime of day - Weetabix, Porridge, cheese, rice, cakes, yoghurt and toast. (he'll eat anything bread-esque so bread sticks, bagels, crumpets, waffles, potato cakes. He'll also eat things like crossants). He also eats chicken nuggets and fish fingers but they have to be mass produced shit, he wont eat my homemade versions.

Will sometimes eat - banana's, grapes and melon, pear, sausages, steak, humus

He eats about 2 meals that I cook so I do manage to get some veg down him by chopping them up very small and sticking them in what I make.

This kid doesn't even like chips? shock

Just wondering the best way to tackle this. I do continue to offer a massive variety of food. I do wait for him to be hungry before feeding him but I haven't yet resorted to 'eat what you are given or go hungry' as I can't quite bring myself to do this.

The waste (time / money and effort) is really starting to grate.

Tykeisagirl Thu 08-Jan-15 16:33:59

My DD was/is much the same. There were battles, and tears, both mine and hers, then I gave in and just gave her the things I knew she'd eat, and life got a lot easier. I compromise by putting other things on her plate alongside those she will eat and telling her I'd like her to eat them but she doesn't have to.

School lunches have broadened her horizons a bit, but I feel as long as she's getting a balanced diet I can live with it being rather samey. And she doesn't eat chips either, or potatoes in any form, but she does like root vegetables so we have a lot of parsnip and sweet potato "chips" in our house.

ChalkyC Thu 08-Jan-15 18:09:56

He eats more than my 5 year old.....

taxi4ballet Thu 08-Jan-15 19:01:33

The advice we got from the specialist our HV sent us to was that it was a healthy diet (although incredibly boring) and not to worry in the slightest.

My dd existed on nothing but marmite sandwiches, apples, rice cakes, chicken nuggets, milk, weetabix, porridge and apricot yogurts for FIVE Years...!

Goldmandra Thu 08-Jan-15 19:17:06

He's obviously happy with what he's eating and there is enough variety to keep him healthy so this isn't a problem for him at all.

You need to decide what food you are going to make available to him and then leave him to decide what he takes from that selection.

Put the food on the table, make sure there is something palatable for him, and allow him to choose what to take and eat.

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