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What can I do to help DD (school/ wetting)

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UnMasterChef Wed 07-Jan-15 21:16:32

DD is in year 1, she has never been reliably dry. We have been working with the school nurse service for the last year, DD is on medication to help. I thought we had cracked it over the Xmas holidays, she was dry for over a week, which we hadn't had in a long time. Before the holidays, she was having an accident most days.

In the last couple of days of the holiday she started having accidents again, and has had several at school. I'm not sure what's behind it. Some of it seems to physical, at times she genuinely doesn't seem to know she needs to go, and has even sat on the toiler saying she doesn't need to go, while I can hear her weeing. But given she was OK over the holidays and it's started back again, I'm wondering if she is stressed or worried. The main worry she talks about is a problem with some of the boys in her class opening the toilet doors while people are using them, but that wouldn't explain the accidents at home. She is going through a lot, her best friend has just moved away, I've been quite ill and am going for surgery at the weekend.

I'm going to ring the school nurse again and have to go and talk to the teacher, but I was wondering if anyone else had any advice on how we can help. Can you get counselling support for people in yr1? How do I know if she needs it? As far as I know she has no special needs apart from the wetting.

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