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Very emotional 3 year old boy

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TerrifiedMothertobe Wed 07-Jan-15 09:24:17

My little boy is quite sensitive but normally happy go lucky. In the last week he has turned into an emotional mess. He is bursting into tears for no reason, behaving badly and acting a bit like a baby!

He has a younger brother who is 1, so I'm not sure whether it's attention seeking. He's sleeping better than ever (possible growth spurt too) and eats well.

He doesn't know what's wrong when you ask him, he justs whimpers or has a massive red faced screaming paddy!

Any ideas? Also solutions for dealing with the behaviour also welcomed!

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Wed 07-Jan-15 12:06:05

I think as you yourself mention a possible growth spurt, all his emotions are running high and his inner wiring's temporarily a bit wonky. A bit of regression in the older child when he sees his younger sibling on the scene sharing parents isn't unusual so I agree he is probably testing you for a bit of extra reassurance. Everyone around my DS kept saying what a big boy he was once his sister arrived, I think they sometimes look so big and act accomplished compared to newborns we forget how little they still are.

Plus of course Christmas and New Year can throw out usual routines and everybody settles back into normal life.

I think waiting for him to catch his breath and kindly but firmly telling him you can't understand him when he's whining so please just tell Mummy what the matter is will persuade him that it's not worth the effort of tantruming. Punctuate with cuddles and hugs in the meantime and if he refuses to be distracted with something else then get on with whatever you were doing.

Btw in spite of your nn here you are, mother of two happy healthy boys, sounds like you coped fine!

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