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night waking 6 month old

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tiredmummaof3 Wed 07-Jan-15 06:38:21

Can someone please give me some advice :_( I am completely exhausted my DS is 6 months and is waking up to 3 times a night ! Last night was 12, 3 & 5am. I don't know what I'm doing wrong? He is a very big baby weighing 21lbs at least, (hasn't been weighed in a while)my DH and I are at the end of our tether.. doesn't doesn't even cry when he wakes he's perfectly happy for about 5 mins then wants attention. so why can't he just stay asleep? I have 5yo and 3yo sharing a room with him so can't afford to leave him to cry and disturb my other children? Ive tried dream feeding but he isn't even hungry he is happy to wait till 7 for milk? Isn't a huge napper through the day but has always been like that. Only thing I can think is his dummy is the problem? I'm at my wits end and have lots of offers of 'I'll take him through the day so u can sleep' well l don't want to nap through the day I want a good night's sleep!any advice would be greatly appreciated sad X

Newfamily2014 Wed 07-Jan-15 13:01:01

Big hug :-) What makes you think it's the dummy?
What is his bedtime routine?
Does he settle to sleep himself?

sebashocked Wed 07-Jan-15 14:39:24

3 times a night isn't actually that bad or that unusual. Sorry. 11 months here and 3 times is a pretty good/normal night for us. DS is a no dummy/BF/ pretty much co-sleeping baby but have lots of other mummy friends with similar sleep issues and a variety of feeding habits. Main thinking from the sleep experts ( try googling ISIS - not terrorist organisation but infant sleep research institute) is that wake ups are perfectly normal - we all stir at various times during the night between sleep cycles but some people are better at getting straight back to sleep than others. If you've tried all the usual things such as making sure neither too hot nor cold, feeding, white noise etc then it may just be a case of waiting it out. So, essentially I have bugger all advice but you're not alone in the massive sleep deprivation thing.

tiredmummaof3 Wed 07-Jan-15 17:59:42

Thanks ladies I thought it might be that he wants his dummy when he wakes up but he only really uses it to drop off them it's spat out. I'm going to wean him off it this weekend. He is my third and feel like its all new again. Hoping and praying it's better tonight but we will see. Think this mornings meltdown is all the sleepless nights now catching up! Thank you for your replies xx

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