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15 month old constantly ill

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Knowwhatimeanjellybean Tue 06-Jan-15 10:20:07

I have been to the GP with my 15 month old daughter 9 times since end of oct.

She had a bad chest & ended up needing 2 antibiotics, she finished the 2nd stronger one the Monday before Christmas & her chest has been fine since. She woke Christmas morning & vomited then continued to vomit throughout the day but was fine inbetween, nothing until Sunday 28th dec when she woke & vomited then again the next day vomited around lunchtime after which I took her to the doctor who thought it maybe constipation & after effects of the antibiotic causing this & gave her mild laxative which I wasn't keen on but gave lower dose.

So this past week she has been mainly fine, her poo is a clay colour but regular & I have been mainly waiting for her system to clear.

From Sunday she won't eat anything but toast, yoghurt & milk (& water) then sunday evening she had an awful loose nappy followed by another one the following morning. Yesterday she was very cranky & her tummy was very bloated, we put her to bed as normal but she woke after an hour covered in vomit! Then this morning had the worst nappy yet, TBH am still a bit traumatised from it! Bath was needed immediately & some clothes thrown out....

So am pretty worried about her, will hopefully get an appointment with doctor later but in meantime - any words of advice?

Chickz Tue 06-Jan-15 21:02:22

Hello I hope someone will come along and help soon.
My 15 month dd has been ill on and off for months too but this coincided with her starting nursery so was picking up everything.
I hope she gets better soon

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