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started potty training today..any tips pls!��

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snozcumber79 Mon 05-Jan-15 10:13:53

I have a (nearly) 2yr old ds who is showing signs of wanting to potty train I.e. Tapping nappy and saying wee/poo when having one. So started today and had nappy off all morning apart from when doing dishes as I couldn't watch him,and he did wee in pullup lol. I've taken it back off and have potty out in lounge with sticker chart on wall and explained (as much as I can) about getting a sticker for wee/poo. Is there anything else I should be doing,other than keep asking him if he needs to go... Any help appreciated!smile

ostrichhead Mon 05-Jan-15 12:15:47

Keep putting him on every 15-20 mins or so, make a huge deal when it happens on the potty or he tried to get to it and just ignore the spillages that will inevitably happen today.

Give him an extra special book/toy to hold that is only allowed to be used when on the potty...

Go shopping for big boy pants/potty wipes/hand wash - allow him to choose ones with his favorite character - peppa pig thomas etc

We did all this - and he did get it fairly quick to be fair

Good luck!

Also... It's never too early for a glass of wine to get u through the first few days of frustrationgrin

snozcumber79 Mon 05-Jan-15 17:35:25

Thanks for tips, I like the idea of him choosing hand wash etc...and also the wine haha. Didn't get a wee on potty today so far as been out all afternoon but will persevere this evening smile

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