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Sleep regression in 11mo

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pumpkinsweetie Sun 04-Jan-15 00:21:53

My 11mo has started going down to sleep, say 7pm and then waking sometime between 10pm & 11pm and thinking it's playtime for hours on end. She managed until 4am the other day.
After a week of this, i'm exhausted.
But luckily due to school hols, i am still fitting some sleep in.

Slowly dreading in the week however when i have 5 children to get ready for school and other commitments.
Does this ever end, and what is causing this regression?

She did have a night when i just knew she was teething, but this is mostly about her wanting to play. She won't lay/sit with me, she won't settle in her cot or playpen or even in her bed. She is only content with playing on the carpet.
Thing is i'm finding it hard to stay awake, and she is into everything.

Any tips would be much appriecated, tia x

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