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Does the GP prompt the 8-12 month check?

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Quickquestion15 Tue 30-Dec-14 19:30:05

Do they contact the HV team?

NickyEds Tue 30-Dec-14 19:50:25

Not here, my hv contacted me-not sure gp had anything to do with it, but Ds was 10 1/2 months by then.

Phalarope Tue 30-Dec-14 20:44:25

Our HVs contact you here, although in our case they forgot, so worth chasing if you are keen to have the check. I gave up chasing after a few weeks as I decided I had more concerns about the HVs' organisational skills than DD's milestones.

Quickquestion15 Thu 01-Jan-15 18:27:33

Thank you

LovelyWeatherForDucks Thu 01-Jan-15 18:32:12

Where I live we got a 1 year 'checklist' in the post and asked to come to usual baby weighing clinic with any concerns and to check height and weight.

NickyEds Thu 01-Jan-15 19:24:23

I could have done the check myself except for the height and weight!

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