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ds won't pooh !! Help please!

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Helsbels Mon 19-Apr-04 10:24:07

DS 2.7 has been toilet training for 2 weeks - he has been very succesful in the wee department even waking in the night to tell us he needed one :0. Trouble is with number 2's. He is desperate and dances round the bathroom crying and getting very upset - he refuses to go in a nappy or pull ups even though I have tried to bribe him. He has been on the toilet 3 times (the rest in nappies or his big boys pants by accident or sheer desperation). He did not go all weekend and has just passed a nugget this morning. We are going on holiday next week so any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. He has not been shouted at and we give him loads of paraise and little pressies when he is successful. It is so upsetting to see him in such obvious distress. Any ideas, ladies?

gloworm Mon 19-Apr-04 10:39:11

if he is constipated (which can be caused by stress) try prunes, our little boy loves them and they work every time.

he is 2.2 and we have yet to start potty can only give bits of advice i've read elsewhere.
Have read that too much praise can be bad, it turns the potty training into a huge event and he can easily get stressed by it all. Maybe if you pay less attention he will come around to the whole thing in his own time.

let me know how you get on...i think i'll be in the same position myself pretty soon!

Galaxy Mon 19-Apr-04 10:46:40

message withdrawn

Helsbels Mon 19-Apr-04 10:49:03

Thanks - agree with the too much praise theory - we ignore wees now - it's just like - oh he's going for a wee! will try prunes - he is not constipated yet (as far as I know) but I am aware that it could turn into a huge problem if he doesn't 'go' soon

Soapbox Mon 19-Apr-04 10:53:48

Dark chocolate was recommended to me and it works! You only need a couple of squares of something like Bournville. Probably easier to get them to take than prunes!

cuppy Mon 19-Apr-04 10:55:57

Prunes are great but sometimes difficult to get kids to eat so try serving them with custard- works for us!

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