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How to convince 18 month old to eat non-pureed food

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car0line123 Sun 28-Dec-14 10:21:20

My 18 months old is a very fussy eater, so the only way to make him eat is to give him baby purees. I don't mind, but I think he really should start chewing and learning to eat adult food. Anything I give he spits out because he doesn't like it. At least with purees he eats a bit of everything (even reluctantly),
I have been told to try and try again, which I do at every meal (bit of carrot, bit of fruit etc...) but not going anywhere.

At what age do you think we should stop with the baby food?

BentleyBelly Sun 28-Dec-14 12:38:36

Is he not interested in finger food at all? How much milk is he having? Our breakthrough with our dd, who was not even remotely interested in food at all until 10 months, was dairylea sandwiches. She also adores cucumber sticks, sausages and pasta spirals with grated cheese and peas. Do you try just giving him what you are having? I do give Abidec multivitamin everynight for my own peace of mind if she has had a bad eating day.

BentleyBelly Sun 28-Dec-14 12:50:33

She also finds those Goodies puff crisp things irresistible!

car0line123 Sun 28-Dec-14 13:18:34

well, he would eat cheese and bread but that's it. No meat (white or red), no fish, no vegetables or fruits, no pasta, no rice...

I don't even mind making him purees to be honest, but was thinking he has to start eating proper food at some point. I might start all his meals with finger food, and give him purees when he refuses everything else

Good point about the vitamins, I did ask my GP but he told me was up to me.

Icedfinger Sun 28-Dec-14 17:59:37

Have you tried 'real' food that is nearly purée consistency- risotto, Bolognese, etc.

Or could you try pureeing food less over time? Purée, then mince, mash with a fork, lightly mash etc.

stressbucket1 Sun 28-Dec-14 19:52:44

My dd was like this she is now nearly 3 and has got better as she has got older. She will eat rice and pasta still won't eat pieces of meat but she will eat salmon, sausages and minced meat . I started putting a tiny amount of rice into a pureed curry favourite and she took to that. Also the tiny baby pasta might be with a try he wouldn't have to chew either of those. I then moved on to macaroni pasta well cooked she just seemed to need loads of sauce!

Millie3030 Sun 28-Dec-14 20:00:06

I would increase the thickness of the texture gradually, slowly introduce lumps over time. Things like shepherds pie still have all the goodness but need the mince thin in out a bit.

What about snacks like raisins, bananas? You could also try limiting fluid intake as too much, milk, water, juice etc can fill them up quickly.

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