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3 year old a hanfull

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Conver86 Sat 27-Dec-14 18:27:35

Where do I begin have my son every other weekend and he's a right handful.
He's rude
Refuses to eat drink
Jealous towards new baby
Rude to my partner
Loses his patients and wets

The list goes on I do naughty step after each doing after being warned 2 times.
No idea what to do can't do anything fun with him

Jaffakake Sat 27-Dec-14 21:30:24

I think you need to provide much more info & a bit of a back story. Is this a new turn of events or has he always been a handful? What does the other person you share his childcare with think? Do you share an approach to dealing with the things you list?

My 3 year old is generally ok, but this weekend for example we're away staying with family & have had a whole change of scene - he's been hard work at times, but cos we're consistent with our approach it helps manage situations a lot.

Sanoie1 Mon 29-Dec-14 14:50:55

We had a very similar experience.. 3.5 year old got more difficult when i was pregnant. Having undivided dad time every day for 20mins or more really helped. It took someone else to suggest that his dad wasnt doing enough with him and his behaviour was a cry for attention, for us to make that change, and the difference has been immense. No jealousy now and much more controllable.

katandkits Mon 29-Dec-14 15:06:07

He is trying to get your attention? I am assuming you are his dad so forgive me if i am wrong. In his short life he has seen his parents split up, he presumably sees you less than he used to and you, in his eyes, have replaced him with someone smaller and cuter who sees you far more. Sibling jealousy is normal at that age. Try to ignore as much low level bad behaviour as possible and praise good behaviour at every available turn. Show him as much love and affection as you can and make it clear your love is not conditional on his behaviour. One on one fun times together will help. Once you have done some work on your relationship then start thinking about what boundaries you want to enforce and how. There is a good book called how to talk so kids will listen. Three year olds are hard work at the best of times, your expectations of his behaviour might not be realistic. Small childen are usually impatient and toileting accidents par for the course at that age still. Never make a battle about food. Put his meal in front of him, get on with eating your own and setting a good example at the table, at the end of the meal take his plate away with no comment on what he has or hasn't eaten. If he is hungry later only offer boring healthy snacks like an apple or a slice of toast. Make sure the meals you are offering include at least one item you know he likes.

katandkits Mon 29-Dec-14 15:08:42

And i personally would ditch the naughty step if it isn't working. A good website for behaviour tips is aha parenting.

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