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Agressive 18 month old

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Jaz78 Sun 21-Dec-14 20:24:08

We have a normally delightful 18 month old dd.

She is so confident with other children and strangers it's insane.

Over the last few months she has started to become more aggressive with biting, hair pulling and pinching.

We have always tries to change her behaviour, when she does it we say no thats naughty and get Her to strike or kiss whoever she has attacked.

The problem is that when she does it, she just finds it funny as she sees it as a game and just ignores being told off.

Things seem to have become worse over the last few days with some prolonged horrible bites and this morning she hit her 8 week old sister with s plastic toy dog.

Really want her to calm down this aggressive behsviour as when she is good she is fantastic.

Jaz78 Sun 21-Dec-14 20:26:35

Just to add any hints, tips or shared experiences would be great, as it feels as if she is getting out of control.

stressbucket1 Mon 22-Dec-14 15:21:35

Been lucky enough that dd1 was never a biter but she did get a bit of an aggressive streak when her baby sister came along hitting but mostly me and dd2. Do you think it is linked to the new baby? If so it's probably an attention thing so try and give her as much positive attention as possible. Who is she biting and where does it happen? If its at a playgroup you might have to steer clear for a couple of weeks to break the habit?

ReadyForDinner Tue 23-Dec-14 09:24:49

Hi no real advice I am afraid but just to say we are having similar issues with our 15mo dd. She will scratch and hit particularly when tired or over excited. Its now getting to be when frustrated as well , ie not allowed to climb on sofa or play with my mug of steaming coffee hmm . We have always gone with saying no and stopping her hand, saying gently and showing her how to stroke and if the behavior continues putting her down on the floor where she usually wails, I pick her up again when she asks to be.
It was going fine, recently she started biting, just me as far as I know and last week nursery told us she had scratched another child blush confused they were really good about it, said it happens they just wanted us to know, they said she obviously knew it was not good behaviour as she looked over at the workers for a response.
Getting a bit nervous that it might escalate again as we have a new baby set to arrive in the next couple of weeks. So like you op, would value any insight or shared experience.

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