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Children won't eat a lot of dinner and wake early

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littleraysofsunshine Sun 21-Dec-14 07:38:14

We have been poorly this week, but even before.. They've been off dinner, or refusing to eat. I offer a variety each day so it's not as if I'm making the same thing but they ask for silly things like, I just want beans. When I've just home cooked a meal or healthy soup/ casserole.

Only a recent thing as they usually scoff the lot. Happily.

But the four year old keeps waking up expecting breakfast at 6am when everyone else is asleep. That then wakes the 2.5yo. Then that wakes the 10mo.

lanbro Sun 21-Dec-14 07:49:30

We've had the same, poorly for weeks and 2yo and 1yo both eating much less. I tend to give them what they (2yo) asks for, within reason. Still strict on choc etc but if she asks for just beans I'd give just beans. Maybe put some toast there too. I also give a milk and fruit smoothie before bed, usually banana and strawberry, which helps fill them. I am conscious of not wanting to make a big deal and cause future food issues but do want them to eat obviously!

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