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Needy 6 year old

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arethereanyleftatall Fri 19-Dec-14 21:50:18

Hello. Has anyone got any advice for me please?
I'm struggling to know whether I need to give more attention, or less, to my eldest daughter. She's 6, a lovely, happy, friendly girl, doing well. But she wants so much attention, pretty much all the time.
I don't want her to grow up to be a needy person, but im unsure if this is just her personality and I can't change it, or whether there's anything I can do to help her be less needy.
For example: I give her a five minute cuddle, she wants ten, and is always disappointed when I disentangle. I give her ten minutes of attention (or more), then might turn to her younger sister, 4, who gets so much less attention (never asks for it) for one minute, and cue massive jealousy from dd1.
I would really appreciate it, if anyone has any advice for me on how best to handle this please?

Heyho111 Fri 19-Dec-14 22:18:20

It sounds like sibling rivalry. Get the book siblings without rivalry it explains how/ why it happens and gives stratagies to stop it. It's worth a read.

arethereanyleftatall Fri 19-Dec-14 22:22:41

Thank you heyho. I will do.
You're right, because what I'm forgetting is that whilst dd1 gets more attention than dd2 when we're all together, dd2 actually gets every single term time afternoon just with me whereas dd1 never gets alone time. Thank you, I'm going to give her a cuddle right now and get the book.

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