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Would you punish for this or is it naturally behaviour?

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Theredandthewhite Thu 18-Dec-14 09:44:02

DD yr 6 told me something about another child in her class yesterday.

DS yr4 overheard her telling me. He then asked lots of questions about it to me and DD (it's mostly gossip about the child's family situation)

I spoke to both DD and DS about gossiping, why they shouldn't repeat stuff that might not be true etc and told them both to stop discussing it.

I dropped small DD at reception this morning, rounded the corner and heard DS recounting the gossip to about 6 of him mates (with embellishment).

Talk again about gossiping and why it can be hurtful or punishment?

Theredandthewhite Thu 18-Dec-14 13:14:19


Sofarris Thu 18-Dec-14 17:13:45

I don't know if I would punish for it unless her understood exactly why it was bad. Maybe talk with him about it again, try to get him to understand how it feels for the child in DR's class.

Cockadoodledooo Thu 18-Dec-14 17:24:52

I'd be giving the 'disappointed' speech for sure. If it's the first time I'm not sure I'd punish (aside from the disappointment), but I'd make sure they knew it would be punishable if it happened again.

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